Warming up

It’s been ten years since I wrote! Unbelievable. I’m going to fill up this blank page with stuff just to warm up. Yusuf’s been sleeping long enough. I can pretty much guarantee that as soon as the words start rolling out, he will wake up and want to contribute to the success of this blog (!) so just to keep it short for right now.

I know! I’ll give a book review about my latest read ‘Shopaholic to the Rescue’ by the irrepressible Sophie Kinsella. Strangely enough, the more outrageous Becky Brandon gets, the more believable she is. It starts with her dad jetting off on a secret mysterious mission to ‘put something right’.

My dad would have let us know. My mum would have been patient, trusting him to tell her when he was ready and my sisters and I would have grilled him before he started out (and made sure he had Whatsapp). Obviously, this is not what really exciting families do. Therefore, Becky’s dad disappears along with her best friend’s husband, her mum has hysterics and enlists the help of her best friend, they all pile into an RV along with a posse of helpful and not-so-helpful friends and land in Las Vegas. Whereupon, we realise that Becky does not want to gamble (good girl!) but also does not want to go shopping for herself! Huh? Really???

And the story rolls on with delightful references to Ocean’s Eleven and Love, Actually. Also, letters from the ever-reliable Derek Smeath, the former bank manager of Endwich Bank.

A totally delicious read! Even Yusuf wanted to eat it all up (literally!)




5 thoughts on “Warming up

  1. The Yusuf character sounds very interesting… Hoping to hear more about him.

    Lol @ the exciting families part. I agree, why can’t our families be this exciting…Getting an RV and going on sudden road trips

    Can’t wait to read the next post!(finally I have some reading thing to look forward to)


  2. I haven’t written in ten years. Ten years! !! One can expect this from me but not from you! I’m loving the book and loving the fact that you’ve started writing again. Can’t wait to read more from you!


  3. That sounds like a book tk read! Its great you are back to writing. Husband has been telling me to start blogging too. You can be my inspiration or I can be guest blogger so I know I can do it 😛
    Lol that sounds like something we would do a sudden roadtrip with our shaamis and tomato chutney packed!


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